Custom Print Methods

BLANK (No Printing): There will be no customization or printing added to the product. Certain products are only available Blank, like our stands and cases.

CUSTOM PRINTED (Screen or Pad Print): Uses ink which is transferred through a screen or stamped onto the product and prints your design or logo within the imprint area. This method can support a maximum of 3 to 6 different ink colors (depending on the product).

  • For best results, use solid colors without different shades or gradients. Designs and logos with shadings, gradients, or photographs can still be printed using a course dot pattern or halftone.
  • Each color is printed individually. We do not recommend having the different colors touch each other. The registration (alignment) of the colors will shift during printing. The colors can shift up to 1/8" or even 1/4" in any direction. If shifting is a concern, please consider having MiniSportsBalls modify your design to print in one color or switching it to Digital (Full-Color) Printing if available.

Examples of a design using Screen or Pad Printing Method ranging from 1 to 3 ink colors:

Spot Color Printing Examples

Below are a few examples of artwork and misregistration:

Color Registration Examples

FULL-COLOR (Digital Print and 4-Color Process): Utilizing four ink colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, & Black) to reproduce almost all the colors in the rainbow. Choose this option if you wish to print complex color images, photographs or when registration is a concern with multi-colored logos.

See the description and specifications listed on the product's page for which of the below Digital Print methods will be used to print your full-color design.

  • Full-Color Digital Direct: Your artwork is printed directly onto the product. Many of the small sports balls, stress balls, and cheer & spirit items are printed using this method.
  • Full-Color Heat Transfer: Your artwork will be printed onto a special transfer material. This material is then permanently adhered to the product with heat. Many of our full-size sports balls are printed this way. Note: the transfer material has a white background which may not match the white panel or ball color. We trim away the outer edge of the transfer to minimize the background.
  • Full-Color Decal: Your artwork is printed onto a clear decal which is then permanently adhered to the product with heat. Depending on the viewing angle and the lighting, you may see the edge of the decal even though it's clear. The full-color and personalized wood bats are printed using this method.
  • Full-Color Label: Your artwork is printed onto a white decal which is then adhered to the product. This is comparable to the labels on most commercially available products.
  • Full-Color Sublimation: Your artwork will be printed onto a special transfer paper which is applied to the product via heat and pressure to adhere your design directly onto the product permanently.

Below are a few examples of artwork and logos printed using the above full-color print methods:

Full-Color Printing Examples

Individual Personalization: We offer Individual Personalization on select products. When available, this option can be selected under the DIGITAL PRINT method. Choose Location "Individual Personalization (Side One)" under the "Where do you want it printed?" dropdown menu.

Laser Engraving: Using a laser to precisely etch or burn your artwork into the surface of the product. Depending on the product's material, your design will have a gray, brown, or black color. We do not offer the option of paint-filling for different colors of the engraving.

Epoxy Dome: Your artwork is placing it under a clear, high-gloss clear dome with a black bezel. Designs are printed on a white background unless otherwise requested. - the premier online source for custom imprinted sports-related promotional products.

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